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My main interests lie in classical and quantum aspects of gravity in relationships with differential geometry.  I am especially interested in properties of asymptotically flat space-times: these are ubiquitus in the modelisations of gravitational waves, blackholes but also in classical and quantum scattering processes.

Here is a more specific list of interests:
  • Classical general relativity in asymptotically flat space-times

  • Conformal and projective differential geometry

  • Cartan geometry and their tractor calculus

  • Twistor theory

  • Flat holography


Vienna 2022. Picture credit to Laura Donnay (SISSA)

Papers and talks

You can find a complete list of my pappers....

  • On the arXiv, by clicking here:

  • On INSPIRE, by clicking here:

  • On Google Shcolar, by clicking here:

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